Guess Who's Coming to DL 2016?

Dive into an Immersive 1/2 day and full day workshop with some heavy hitters including David Jakes, Diana Laufenberg, Andy Marcinek, Brad Latimer, Mary Beth Hertz and Zac Chase... and more!

Full Immersive Workshop Schedule!

Innovation Space!

Try out an incredible array of Maker tools and innovative, creative activities and projects with mentors! Sit and learn at your pace and your schedule!

Innovation Lounge Updates!

Advanced Maker Workshops

We're offering Advanced Maker Classes at the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College! Dive in and explore!

Full EMC Advanced Schedule!

Pitch an Ed Camp Conversation!

Pitch an idea and we'll help you find a space for a group conversation! Workgroup after an immersive workshop? Roundtable / think tank on timely topics? Pitch an idea and see who's game to dive in! Signups will be posted soon!

2K Ambassador Grant!

Apply for the 2k Ambassador Grant Grand Prize! To enter you must attend Dynamic Landscapes as a regular attendee either May 23rd or 24th, 2016. One entry per attendee only! The winner will be selected by random drawing at the closing session Tuesday the 23rd! You do not need to be present at the final drawing to win!

Full details on the Ambassador Grant / Grand Prize!

Conference sessions in all shapes and sizes!

Conference sessions of all shapes and sizes await! Explore innovation from some of Vermont's teachers and students finest in 1/2 hour, hour, and 1.5 un-conference sessions!

Check the full conference schedule here!

Access to every session and workshop is included in the price of admission! We've got group discounts and affordable housing options too!

No extra workshop fees! All DL workshops and sessions (yes, including our incredible Immersive Workshops) are INCLUDED in the regular admission price! Did we mention we have group pricing discounts and affordable housing options on the Champlain College campus too? Check the REGISTRATION and LODGING links at the top of the page for all the details!

Champlain Campus Map

Academic and residential map for our host, Champlain College, Burlington Vermont!

Grab your map (PDF) here!


We've added a bbq dinner to the calendar and other social events will be posted soon!

Check all the details here, and reserve your spot, and pay at the door!

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