Student Keynote Competition is OPEN!!! Win a $250 grant for your school!

YES! Student Keynote Competition Is Now Open! Enter Here!

Want a chance to present your thoughts to an audience of over 100 students, 400 adults and the Regional Education Television Network (live and archived!)?

Click here to enter!

Students of all ages grades k-12 are encouraged to apply!  And, yes, students can present together!

It goes a little something like this…

Four winners will be selected to present opening keynotes for this conference! Two keynotes will open each day, May 22 and May 23.

Each winner will receive a $250 Innovation Grant for their school!

Keynote length: 12-15 minutes

Important topics in education and the world, innovative projects… what can you choose to motivate the audience?

How do I enter?
Start Your Prep!

Prepare a demo of your topic up to but not over 90 seconds and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and submit your entry. We’ll post a link here shortly to send in your submission. It’s a tough challenge and it’ll take a lot of skill development to pitch your passion.

Four winners will be selected from the pool. 10 finalists will be also selected to present in the Champlain auditorium during the conference to an audience of up to 200 people!

Selection criteria
Dynamic, engaging, polished presentation
Timely / passionate / innovative topic

Important Guidelines

All submissions must be 60 to 90 seconds in length.  Submissions over 90 seconds will not be eligible!

Each submission must have a faculty member or administrator at your school to sign off on your work. No exceptions!

Educationally appropriate language please. Material offensive to racial, gender, or sexual orientation will not be considered.

If you are selected as a keynote winner or a finalist you will be emailed an important VITA-Learn Media Clearance Form to present at the conference. This form must be signed by the presentation participants, a school faculty member or administrator, and parent / guardian 30 days prior to the conference. Completed forms must be returned by email. We’ll have all the details here.

Keynote winners will be issued a $250 Innovation Grant for their School. This grant is the property of the sending school. In the event of a home school winner, the grant becomes the property of the students family / guardian.