Over 100 amazing workshops

We've got some great topics coming your way at Dynamic Landscape.
The following topics have been accepted for this year's conference.
Look for the official schedule and some fun surprises later this month  for Dynamic Landscape 2019

What's Happening on Monday

A Tale of Three Projects - Our Successes and Failures with PBL

Achieve Your Goals with SeeSaw

Agency, Autonomy, and Innovation: Supporting Teachers to Provide Students with Personalized Learning Experiences

Assessing “Out of the Box” STEAM Learning

Assessing “Out of the Box” STEAM Learning (Pt 2)

Beyond the Book Report: Using Project-Based Learning and Library/Media Collaboration to Empower students in a Conventional HS English classroom

Block Chain in Education

Breaking + Entering [Not considered unlawful]

Broadening Reflection: Using Tools to Deepen Student Reflection

Carefully Considering Drones

Code and Build Robot. - Meet Edison

Cricut Cutter STEAM for Everyone

CyberSecurity for the Rest of Us

Designing Games with Middle Schoolers

Developing Personalized Learning in an Extended J-term Program

Diversity in Classroom Innovation

Dwelling in the Possible: Empowering ALL Students to Become Expert Learners

Empowering Students and Teachers: SeeSaw Learning Portfolio

epic! Digital Library for Elementary Schools

Eyes on the World - Global Discovery of Culture, Countries and Continents

Finchbots in Flight- playground session or 50 minute session

Getting ABLE! Supporting the Ability Spectrum Through Assistive Services

Go Baby Go at SMC: Students Empowering Children with Disabilities

Hands-On Building and Coding with Micro:bits

How to Create a Rubric for your Makerspace

Immersive Learning with AR and VR

Innovation HUB: Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping

Innovation HUB: Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping (Part 2)

Interlibrary Loan & You: Getting Started with Clover

Jennifer Casa Todd - Conversations about Digital Citizenship

Librarian Teacher Collaboration - Content-neutral, proficiency-based English class

Makerspace Tips and Tools

No Longer Playing Nice: Teacher-Librarians as Disruptors, Instigators, and Agitators

Ozobots in my Library

Positioning Empathy and Equity at the Heart of Library Programming

Project IGNITE Reunion

Redefining Professional Learning Through Teacher-Led Action Research

School Partnership Program with ECHO Leahy Center

Spark: The Importance of Exposure to Invention

Starting A Coaching Team

Strength-Based Service Learning: A PBL Approach to the Humanities Curriculum

Student Data Privacy: Get it started!

Student Designed Workplace Videos

The Hidden Costs of Carts and Other Stories

The Pedagogy of Dungeon & Dragons - How to integrate D&D into curriculum and practice

Tier 1 Without Tears, CU, Center for Schools

Using Formative Assessment to Develop Self-Directed Learners

Vermont Online Library In Your School

"VR in Our Library: Virtual Transportation

WILD Learning: J Term and Student Voice

What's Happening On Tuesday

2019-2020 Red Clover List

AASL National School Library Standards and Proficiency-Based Learning and Assessment

Author Panel - Diversity in Children's Books

Blended Learning: Developing Skills with Workshops, Playlists, and BadgesOrleans Elementary

Book Creator

CETL bootCamp

Collaboration in Humanities with Flipgrid and Google VR

Communities in Conversation

Create a Calculator with Java Coding

Creating a Learner Centered Environment in Elementary Classroom Through Choice Menus

CS for All Networking

Culturally Sustainable Pedagogy: From Professional Learning to Classroom Inquiry

Curriculum as a Conversation: Students and Teachers as Partners in Planning

Developing and Implementing Library Proficiencies: A Panel Discussion

Developing Mobile Apps using React Native

Disrupting for Justice

Empatico: Where Kindness & Empathy Are Present

Extreme Makeover: Library edition

Flipping the Classroom with EdPuzzle

Future Ready Libraries- A collaborative venture

GameChanger: Bring Writing to Life - VR Tour Creator, WeVideo, & Google Expeditions!

Green Mountain Book Award List 2019-2020

How We Create a Culture for Global Learning

I Stopped Teaching. Now This Is What Learning Looks Like…

Intellectual Property in the age of making

Jennifer Casa Todd - Breakout Workshop

Learn alongside your robot: An ELA classroom with a Coding/Robotics Twist

Librarians Hands On Reflection - Hack a Thon

Makerspace Tour

Media Literacy .Making it Happen

Media Literacy with WeVideo

Personal Leaning PATH (PLP)

Physical Computing -Share and Play

Projects for Hope

Racing Toward Engagement: the Power of Integrated Studies

Read & Roll: Literacy Design Challenges with  Sphero Robots

Reflecting on Media Literacy - VoiceThread

School Remixed! Engaging Student Voices to Envision a New Direction for Learning

Socratic Seminar in 5th Grade

Student Book Publishing with Book Creator

Student Led (Parent/Teacher) Conferences

Tech Ed Redefined: The Transformation of a Design Tech Classroom

The B List!

The Best Books! All About Dorothy's List 2019!

The Center of Community Connections (C3) & the NuVu Innovation Lab: Empowering Students at Woodstock Union High School

The Podcast Explosion

Using Pixton to Create Comics and Share Learning

Using the UN Global Goals As A Lens for STEAM

Virtual Reality Learning



What Does a Personalized Math Classroom Look Like?

What's Your Story: Personalized Learning Through Storytelling

When the Students become the Teachers: How to Create a Successful Makerspace

Woodstock’s NuVu Innovation Lab & Center of Community Connections (C3): A Conduit for Student-Centered, Personalized Learning.


Not only will you get to hear from educators and students in over 100 presentation sessions,  but you'll also get to interact with educators and students in the the Posters, Projects, and Playground area of the Champlain Exhibit Hall.

If you or your students are interested in sharing Poster Style
or you'd like to share your project (science fair style)
or you'd like to engage others in playing with fun technologies, please contact
Lucie at ignite@vita-Learn.org to pitch your idea.

Here are some topics you will see  Posters, Projects, and Playground


Let's play with Augmented and Virtual Reality

VTCLIM: What Does a School Climate Survey Mean For Me?

STEAM projects for UN Sustainability Goals (using Minecraft)