Media Literacy Strand


Smartphone in handAccording to Common Sense Media

Media literacy is literacy expanded to include all forms of communication -- whether that's a paperback book or a Twitter chat. Embracing that broader definition of literacy is essential for the development of curricula that can empower students to fully participate in all aspects of life these days

How might you integrate media literacy in your curriculum?

This 4 part series will start by taking a look at how we define literacy to include media literacy.

We'll get a chance to create media using cloud based tools such as WeVideo - (video creation) and Sound Trap (podcast and audio creation).

We'll end the day by reflecting on the power of media in our world and concrete ways you can integrate media literacy in your classroom, tomorrow!

You are welcome to attend individual sessions or come for the whole strand.

Media Literacy Strand -Session 1

Media Literacy Strand - Session 1:  Redefining Literacy

Jennifer Casa Todd

Presenter: Jennifer Casa Todd, Keynote Speaker and Award Winning Author

How do we define literacy in a world that is visual, connected, and information-rich?
In a 2016 Stanford study, 87% of middle schoolers could not distinguish between a credible news article and sponsored content. This session explores a new definition of literacy: reading and writing the world. It includes ideas for media literacy, information literacy, curation, and real-world literacy applications that will simultaneously acknowledge student literate behaviors while emphasizing what we as educators know to be tried and true literacy skills. This session will kick off a day long strand on media literacy through making media.

Media Literacy Strand - Session 2-3

Double Session 2 -3: Becoming Media Literate through Video Creation

Presenter:  Gin Ferrara- RETN Community Outreach Manager
In this hands on workshop we will create persuasive short videos using WeVideo -- a robust online editing tool, complete with hours of royalty-free media. We'll take advantage of these resources to explore basic editing concepts and the power of message creation in media making.  There will be time for discussion of classroom strategy as well.

Media Literacy Strand - Session 4-5

Double Session 4 -5: Adding Podcasts and Audio Creations to your Media Mix

Presenter:  Charlie MacFadyen, Digital Learning Leader CVU
This enhanced hands on workshop will introduce you to the art of creating podcasts and audio creations using SoundTrap. Podcasts have exploded in popularity and offer amazing possibilities for learning in all curriculum area and for all ages.  Come ready to learn and leave with a published podcast. Users who have prepaid tickets ($50)  will also leave with 10 user licenses to Soundtrap. Participants have the option to upgrade to a classroom kit which includes a Podcast  microphone and 50 user Soundtrap license for your school. ($300).  More details here. Limited space. Preference to those with prepaid tickets.

Media Literacy Strand - Session 6

Integrating Media Literacy in Your Classroom Tomorrow! 

Presenter:  Ben Boyington
In this interactive session, Ben Boyington, vice-president of  the Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) and coordinator of the Global Critical Media Literacy Project, will help us reflect on how we might integrate our new media creation and literacy skills into our curriculum. He'll discuss tools that can help you get started as well as ways to engage, challenge, and create media in ways that empower individuals and communities.