Enhanced Workshops

Pre-registration is required.

Get Hands On in These Extended Block Workshop

Preregister for these extended workshops due to limited capacity. Register early.  A lab fee of $25.00 covers all supplies used during the workshop. When you pre-register, you will have the option to select Starter Tools or Enhanced Tools to take back to your school so you can apply what you learn with your students. Participants may also elect  NO take back tools.

Enhanced Workshops - Monday

Limited to 20 participants. Register early.

Robotics, Coding and Making Collide with Young Learners

Students in preschool - third grade are curious and imaginative and these traits work in perfect combination with opportunities to learn coding through the use of robots and making. Take away tested ideas, tips, tricks, you can use with your younger learners.  Pre-registered participants will also leave with new robot friends. See details below.

Enhanced Workshop -Basic $25.00

Enhanced Workshop w Starter Tools:  $100
Take back a Beebot

Enhanced Workshop w Premium Tool $350
Take back some robot friends  including
Beebot, Ozobots, Dash


Get Hands on With Podcasting

Let's get hands-on with Podcasting.  We'll start with a Good Prompt, learn how to use accessible software like WeVideo, and create easy workflows that work in your classroom, school, or library. In Part 2, you’ll get a chance to sound off with even more podcasting tips and tricks as you explore how and when to use tools like  Spotify, Anchor FM, and Soundtrap.  From improving sound quality to streaming your audio,  you'll leave with new ways to take your podcast to the next level.  Pregistered participants will leave with podcasting tools to take back to their school.

Enhanced Workshops  Basic $25.00

Enhanced Workshops w/ Starter Tools:  $100
Take back a Starter Podcasting Microphone

Enhanced Workshops w/ Premium Tool  $350
Take back a Premium Podcasting Microphone, Sound Shields, Microphone Stands and Sound Trap Licenses.

Enhanced Workshops - Tuesday

Limited to 20 participants. Register early.

From Consumers to Contributors: Learn how to create 360° VR Tours

Learn how to go beyond the Google Cardboard and VR viewers and into creating your own VR tools, share it with the school, and become digital contributors in creating content with our world.  Part 1 will introduce you to the basics, while part 2 will demonstrate how a 360 camera can up your game when creating with VR.  We'll show you examples from our students creation and then help you get started creating your own. Pre-registered participants will leave with their own VR tools. See details below.

Workshop lead by Pamela Johnson-Spurlock

Enhanced Workshops  Basic $25.00

Enhanced Workshops w/ Starter Tools:  $100
Take back Virtual Reality Viewers

Enhanced Workshops w/ Premium Tool $350
Take back a 360 camera


micro:bits - From Basics to Add-On & Peripherals

In  this hands on workshop featuring the popular micro:bit, we'll start with the basics of using Microbits out of the box and move into physical computing by adding physical components -LED Servos, sensors, and Add On boards.  micro:bits offer the  perfect combination of code and making  preparing students to become creative and practical problem-solvers.  Pre-registered participants will take home micro:bits to use with their students. See details below.

Enhanced Workshops Basic $25.00

Enhanced Workshops w/ Starter Tools:  $100
Take back 2 micro:bit Starter Kit (w Add Ons + Servos)

Enhanced Workshops w/ Premium Tool  $350
Take back 12 micro:bits (w Add Ons and  Servos)